Join Arrowhead at ECS in Stockholm


At ECS in Stockholm, November 3-4, Arrowhead will display 20 demonstrations and host 12 seminars (read more about the seminars here). Welcome to our booth to learn more about the Arrowhead Framework and how we implement it. 

Here is an extended version of our demonstrations: Demonstrations

End to end security automotive test applications

In this demonstrator generation, we consider our exemplary automotive use case with and AVL Particle Counter (APC) as an industrial device. The APC transmits its status information by means of a fingerprint via the binary publish-subscribe protocol Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) to a remotely located MQTT information broker (MIB) in the AVL back-end.

Secured wireless maintenance operation

For the lift pilot, Thales, Sodimas and NXP will introduce secured wireless maintenance operation. We have focus on security controls to be applied thanks to EBIOS security risk analysis.  Indeed, demonstrator will consist to authenticate, authorize and use maintenance operation thanks to the SoA approach implement into the Arrowhead framework.

Wheel Loader

This pilot is focusing on ball bearing monitoring using measures of temperature, vibration, rotation speed, rotation direction and usage. The tests under real conditions were done successfully, as shown the following pictures, where it is possible to see the direction and speed variations of the real wheel-loader.

3D localization

This pilot is focusing on localization using time of flight measurements with highly accurate UWB radios. The demonstration will show a test bed with a number of intelligent rock bolts acting as fixed location identifiers and a mobile asset moving around and have the new location recalculated. UWB radios will be used in each stage.

Energy Tariff and Prediction Services for energy cost optimization applications in multiple domains (manufacturing, lift, water)

The demonstration is about production flexibility and energy efficiency in a discrete manufacturing plant. It consists of understanding the energy consumption of the manufacturing process and managing it in order to optimise the energy consumption expressed either in kWh, in €, or in CO2 emissions.

PLC/WIFI Arrowhead Smart Meter

This demo will present the process for the automatic generation of an IEC61850 (standard for the design of electrical substation automation) compliant WiFi Smart Meter Adapter by using the Assistant Tool. Then the SM Adapter will be deployed into a scenario consisting on a Smart Meter connected to an electric load, the remote Arrowhead Framework and a Client application consuming the services provided by the SM Adapter. Finally, the full system will be deployed and the results will be shown in the Client display.

Smart Energy Meter

The demonstration takes place using a small network of current smart meter. The meters are capable to measure the current flowing through a wire and are contactless, non-intrusive, supporting energy harvesting and connected to a common gateway through a ZigBee micro network.

In the demonstration the integration of such smart meters with the Arrowhead framework is shown, which results in an overall benefit as the measurement are retrievable by any allowed user through the Arrowhead framework as a modular, interoperable service.

Traffic, charging station and booking simulation

The demonstration consists of a simulated urban scenario, taking place in the city center of Bologna, in which we aim to focus on the Electro Mobility aspect and the benefit brought by the compliancy with the Arrowhead framework. The environment comprehends the simulated instances of roads, traffic lights, gasoline-propelled vehicles, fully electric vehicles, their batteries and charging stations.

Through a simple desktop client application we show how a user can book a recharge at a charging station or monitor the charging station’s status and thus interact with the entities characterizing an EM scenario.

Dynamic maintenance

The infrastructure and operations environments in process industry and other factories require dynamic system to support heterogeneous systems. The demonstration shows integration of sensors Bluetooth LE (Valmet) and devices WRM 24/7 (Wapice). The information can be stored into MIMOSA database (TUT and VTT) and visualized with monitoring tool (Fluidhouse).  MIMOSA database schema provides one normalized information model to all needed condition monitoring data.

Aircraft maintenance

Wireless and mobile technologies provide opportunities to dramatically increase the efficiency of aircraft maintenance operations: Continuous information exchanges and seamless interactions between aircraft, Line Mechanics and Ground facilities allows optimizing and anticipating on constrained aircraft turnaround time, as well as reacting and adapting operations to any unscheduled events.

Airbus, based on the Arrowhead framework, demonstrates the increased operational efficiency of maintenance operations supported by such interactions, benefiting Airlines and travellers by reducing delays and operating costs.

Virtual Market of Energy

Electricity prices will grow dramatically, unless the potential flexibility of energy consumption is being exploited in future smart grids. In order to create an incentive for production plants, industrial building owners as well as households, Arrowhead has developed a virtual market of energy for trading of flexibility. A first version will be demonstrated through the involvement of (remote) real heat pumps, a (remote) real HVAC part of a university campus building and an online Lego Mindstorm device.

Collaborative Engineering for Assembly Automation

The shift to Industry 4.0 and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) requires a radically new approach to the design, implementation and delivery of engineering services. The demonstration focuses various engineering applications (web-based, mobile, laptop) aimed at supporting design, monitoring and maintenance scenarios. An automation test system, running remotely in the Warwick University’s shop floor, will provide live Control and Energy data from industrial PLCs and Energy Meter devices.

Comfortable Home

SINTEF, Lyse and NorDan would like to show what a comfortable home may look like in our days.  We demonstrate how we apply cutting edge technologies to make a house comfortable and safe. You will see the digital heart of your house – Lyse’s Smart gateway, NorDan’s SmartDoor which keeps your home safe and SINTEF’s generative technology to orchestrate house appliances. The demonstration is powered by the Arrowhead Framework to bring interoperability and transparency between components.

Energy management and optimisation

Abelko Innovation, Noda and 3E will demonstrate optimization through real-time information flow between production sites, producers, distribution network and consumer facilities and services.

We will demonstrate this in a district heating system through service based collaborative automation using the Arrowhead Framework.

Configuration management

To make sure that Arrowhead systems are accepted by customers as they become commercially available they will need to be efficiently usable. For most systems usability depends directly on engineering support across the system life-cycle.

The Configuration System will enable a more efficient process for managing the configuration of large Arrowhead System of Systems, allowing for configuration of compatible devices across the network.

Public buildings energy/comfort management system

The objective of this demo is to provide an overall vision of the collect data workflow, from the raw sensors data collected by the Wireless Data System and the Meteorological data system till the visualization of the data in different platforms which are addressed to end customers and energy building managers or to external systems. The monitoring scenario is compose by four systems, two basically producers, a processing system and a consumer. Moreover, a Graphical Interface System has been developed in order to monitor the different data results. This Graphical Interface System is aimed at customers and energy building managers.

Urban light system + Public Building (BCN)

The main objective of this demonstrator is to pilot two Arrowhead Services (urban lighting solution and an energy building efficient solution) based on components, interfaces and intercommunication schemes defined within the Arrowhead framework. These pilots have been defining, designing, deploying in the city of Barcelona using an incremental methodology and exchange information using the Arrowhead framework.

Car Heating system

Small car heating system demo on stand presented by THT Control and TUT: The demo will present embedded intelligence for car heating systems with web-based interface for different types of users. This UI will give knowledge of energy consumption and provide tools to monitor control and improve the usage of energy on car heating. The demo consists of two heating units communicating with each other via 6lowPAN and then sending the sensory data to a cloud server, where the defined services (e.g. energy consumption of a parking lot, outside temperature) can be consumed by the remote Arrowhead framework and Cromi client application. Cromi client enables the users to access the system anytime, anywhere with a mobile device.

Urban light system (SS)

The demo will consist of a video recorded in the Lisbon ICT-2015. It will show the current status of the three subsystems that form the demonstrator: Urban Lighting System control and monitoring, Environmental Sensors System and Lighting Optimization System. The three of them are already integrated with the Arrowhead framework.

Arrowhead Framework Core systems, On line test lab, Conformity tests-test tool

To enable an information exchange backbone, the Arrowhead Framework Core is created. The framework is established via definition of services, description of systems that will produce and consume these defined services and finally implementation of the systems.

The Arrowhead Core Framework both offers support for application systems to exchange information in a flexible, transparent and secure environment. Out of the box, the framework contains support for services such as Service discovery, Orchestration, Authentication and Authorisation. Furthermore, the framework is easily extendable with new services and systems as these requirements changes.